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      Nine Free Legal Services

1. Unlimited phone consultations
2. Unlimited face-to-face consultations
3. Review of important legal documents
4. A free simple will with free annual update
5. A state specific, web based free living will form
6. Help representing member in small claims court
7. Help solving government programs problems
8. Plan attorneys will write letters on your behalf
9. Plan attorneys will make calls on your behalf.
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Did you know that every year 1 in 2 families will require the services of an attorney?

The PBN Legal Plan is the nation’s premier Legal Service Plan with over 20,000 participating attorney firms in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our plan members enjoy access to the largest, professionally managed network of its kind.
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Easy and Affordable Way to Provide Your Family Legal Care

You and your family are protected no matter what surprises life brings. There are virtually no limits on what personal legal and financial issues you can raise, and all your conversations are subject to the attorney-client privelege. It's like having an attorney "on retainer".

Best of all...
you get help without waiting for appointments, taking time off work, or worrying about how much it might cost.

You may use as many plan attorneys, practicing in any area of law, anywhere in the country as often as you like.

PBN Legal Plan does not exclude any type of law area. No waiting periods. No Pre-existing conditions exclusions. No limitations on usage

Guaranteed low hourly rate for legal cases that go beyond the free and discount services.

You will be referred to a plan attorney that speaks your language, practices the area of law required and is conveniently located
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      Discounts for Commonly Used Legal Services
  • Traffic Ticket Defense
  • Simple Will with Trust
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Regular Incorporation
  • Name Change
  • Simple Divorce
  • Non Support (Spouse/Child)
  • Personal Real Estate Closing
  • Contigency Fee Discounts
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      Additional Services at No Cost to You!
  • Tax Preparation and Advice Plan, learn more
  • Financial Education and Credit Counseling Program, learn more
     When You Need to Know What the Law Is! Where You Stand! What You Can Do!

--- Who is eligible? ---
You, your spouse or domestic partner, dependent children and any dependents that may be living with you, such as a parent or grandparent.

Before you buy, sell or sign...
Before you make a key decision about your future...

PBN Legal Plan lets you consult the professionals...
Experienced, independent, legal, and financial advisors!

So many of life's major events, from buying a home to caring for an aging parent, require legal advice and documents. Many of these transactions are complex, and no one has the answers. Tha fact is, you cannot predict when you will face a legal issue. Either way, having access to a good lawyer can make all the difference. The PBN Legal Plan makes it easy and affordable to give you family this kind of support.

Let a plan attorney assist you and your family with issues involving government programs such as immigration, Medicaid or Medicare, Social Security and more. Often a free letter and/or phone call form a qualified plan attorney can help you achieve the desired result.

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